Glennor - Since 1979

Mrs Glenys Sequeira

Since 1979, Mrs Glenys Sequeira, our beloved Chairman and Founder of Glennor, has helped more than 8000+ families globally make sound financial choices. Today, she helps India’s Best Companies, put in place the right risk management solutions. She also delivers Financial Education Series for corporate companies across the country.

Additionally, Mrs Sequeira, also consults and helps insurance companies, startups, design futuristic solutions, targeted at making the experience of buying and owning a financial product seamless and easy.

Needless to say, her 40 years of experience cannot be summarized in this space.

Please feel free to get in touch with her directly on +91-9980056083

Mr Norbert Sequeira

Norbert Sequeira is unique in so many ways. At 70 today, he enjoys interacting and educating customers on the importance of understanding the different types of financial products out there. A father figure to all and beloved friend one can always count on, his ability to guide you and help you make a balanced and well thought of financial decision.

Please feel free to get in touch with him directly +91-9845066083

Mark Sequeira and Rajan Athankarayan

The dynamic duo of Mark and Rajan are your go to people if you are a Glennor Client.

Mark Sequeira is responsible for multiple roles at Glennor. An engineer by profession he is responsible for digitizing the company and helping our clients buy online with easy. He is also responsible for Strategy and Sales at Glennor. Armed with an MBA from Toronto, Canada, prior to starting Glennor, Mark has worked with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance (Mumbai, Head Office), Torry Harris Business Solutions (Bangalore), Puravankara Real Estate (USA, Europe and Canada) and Government of Canada (Toronto, Canada).

Business Development, Enterprise Risk Management, Real Estate Consulting are focus and growth areas for Glennor and direct focus areas for Mark Sequeira.

Please feel free to get in touch with him directly on or +91-9880399288

A very important skill that makes Rajan stand out is his passion to service and help clients make the right financial decision.

Rajan is a core member of the senior leadership team at Glennor. A patient listener who is armed with more than a decade of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to starting Glennor, Rajan worked with one of India’s largest Life Insurance Companies.

Rajan Athankarayan is armed with an MBA in Marketing and HR.

Rajan owns the sales, CRM and Operations function at Glennor.

Please feel free to get in touch with him directly on or +91-9632887702