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Max Bupa Health Companion

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BenefitsVariant 1Variant 2Variant 3
Sum Insured2, 3 & 4 Lakhs5, 7.5, 10 & 12.5 Lakhs15, 20, 30, 50 Lakhs & 1 Crore
Baseline cover benefits (1), (2)
Doctor's feesCoveredCoveredCovered
Diagnostic TestsCoveredCoveredCovered
Medicines, drugs and consumablesCoveredCoveredCovered
Nursing ChargesCoveredCoveredCovered
Intravenous fluids, blood transfusion, injection administration chargesCoveredCoveredCovered
Operation theatre chargesCoveredCoveredCovered
Cost of prosthetics and other devices or equipment if implemented internally during a Surgical OperationCoveredCoveredCovered
Intensive Care Unit ChargesCoveredCoveredCovered
Hospital accommodationCoveredCoveredCovered
Pre and Post hospitalization expenses including doctor's consultation, diagnostics tests, medicines, drugs and consumablesCoveredCoveredCovered
Day care proceduresCoveredCoveredCovered
Organ DonorCoveredCoveredCovered
Emergency ambulanceUp to Rs.3,000Up to Rs.3,000Up to Rs.3,000
No Claim Bonus20% of Base Sum Insured upto a max of 100%20% of Base Sum Insured upto a max of 100%20% of Base Sum Insured upto a max of 100%
Refill Benefit (3)Up to Base Sum InsuredUp to Base Sum InsuredUp to Base Sum Insured
Vaccination (in case of Animal Bite) (4)Upto Rs.2,500Upto Rs.5,000Upto Rs.7,500
AyushUp to Base SumUp to Base Sum InsuredUp to Base Sum Insured
Treatment (5)Insured--
Health Check-upOnce in 2 yearsAnnualAnnual
Domiciliary HospitalizationCovered upto Base Sum InsuredCovered up to Base Sum InsuredCovered up to Base Sum Insured
Top-up plan on annual aggregate basisDeductible of Rs.1,2,3,4,5 and 10 lacsDeductible of Rs.1,2,3,4,5 and 10lacsDeductible of Rs.1,2,3,4,5 and 10lacs
Treatment only in Tiered Network (6)Option available to Zone 2 customersOption Available to Zone 2 customersOption Available to Zone 2 customers
Hospital Cash (7)1,000/day2,000/day4,000/day
(1) Baseline cover includes a
- 48 month waiting period for Variant 1 and 36 months waiting period for Variant 2 and Variant 3 for pre-existing conditions
- a 2 year waiting period for specific diseases/conditions
- a 30 day Initial waiting period from inception
- Entry age for Adults is 18 years onwards and from 91 days to 21 years for children. New born children can be added to existing policies at renewal.
(2) No co-payment for insured of any age
(3) Re-Fill benefit - Reinstate upto base sum insured. Applicable for different illness
(4) Vaccination for Animal Bite (Post Bite Treatment) - OPD Benefit upto defined limit as part of overall limit
(5) AYUSH Treatment - Inpatient Treatment taken up in authorized Government Hospitals
(6) Tiered Network - Zone 2 customers can avail cashless treatment in Max BUPA's network hospitals in Zone 2 locations. Customers can also avail treatment (reimbursement basis) in Zone 1 hospitals with 20% co-payment. Customer opting for this option will get a 10% discount
(7) Hospital Cash - Minimum 48 hrs of continuous hospitalization required. Maximum coverage offered for 30 days/policy year. Payment made from day one subject to hospitalization claim being admissible.

Claim Process