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Retirement Planning

More than 400 million Indians will be in their age of retirement by 2035 and more than 500 million Indians by 2050.  Are you one of them?

Have you provided for your retirement as yet? Is it enough?

Here is where we step in

You've said goodbye to the day-to-day rat race of paid employment. You've achieved something many people look forward to their entire adult lives: retirement!

Now is the time to fulfil all those promises you made to yourself during the years at work. Most people carry long-term goals through their career of places they would like to visit when they retire, but not all are financially able to fulfil those goals. 

With correct planning, you should be able to look forward to a financially secure retirement.

You should undergo a fresh review of your financial situation in order to establish whether, for example, benefits that came with your employment have now ceased. You should also review your assets to ensure they are providing enough income to meet your goals in retirement.

And finally, keep in mind that you need to have a retirement withdrawal plan in place too. Avoid getting in the trap of using all available booty in few years.

The Bottom Line

It’s never too early to start evaluating one’s retirement portfolio and making adjustments that may be useful once the time arrives

Benefits of Retirement Plans
Retirement plans helps us to make large corpuses that can be utilized to achieve any financial goal after we stop working. . An individual can start investing with a very low sum at a very early age. Retirement planning starts at a point when you know your life goals and then to accompany these goals with a sound financial plan that helps you to meet these objectives upon retirement.

Features of Retirement Plans
We must overcome one obstacle which is that no clue is available with us for how long we are going to live. There are certain things for an effective retirement like you must decide how much money you require to live a comfortable life after retirement and ascertain how much you require investing to achieve this goal.

You should invest in a right investment cum retirement plan to build determined corpus.
Most of the retirement plans offered in the market either provides you fixed monthly income or a lump sum after you retire from your professional life.